Thursday, 10 March 2011

#1.3: The Life of Strings

In the last post, we looked into the differences between soft and hard picking (besides the volume!): harder sounds were slightly less bright and softer sounds had greater sustain (more steady volume). Let's now return to our first experiment: we're onto the third week for a new set of strings, and we've got some new sustain and brightness results to show for it.

Let's compare the new information to the past two weeks' results, keeping in mind that the first week's samples were played using a pick, and a finger has been used to pluck the strings since then.

We don't yet see any general trends for sustain, but we unexpectedly see an increase in brightness for most strings. The total playing time is still only at 18 hours, so let's accumulate a few more recordings and then take another look...

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